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About Our Business

As car enthusiasts, we were just looking for a safe and fully equipped garage available to share with other Automotive Pros.

Our Business emerged from the need to get car enthusiasts, as ourselves, out of the driveway and into a fully equipped, safe work-space where working on our loved cars will be enjoyable and convenient. Whether you are a car enthusiast or hobby wrencher who would love to start projects or learn to work on cars here and there, our DIY Garage Club would be a beneficial outlet for such potential and creativity. But we didn’t just want this shop to be a place where you work, we wanted to provide a community space where members of the car community can come together. The DIY Garage Club will be the desired place you where looking for to get your projects completed and time well spent.


Benefits from Work in our Garage

We are striving for Best Customer Experience
clean, easy accessible and fully equipped workspace

Clean and Professional Work-space

Booth with or without Lift available

Very Spacious Layout

Durable Workbenches with Vices

TVs to stream your How To Videos

Free High Speed WIFI

waiting area with Restrooms

Break room with coffee and vending machine

Great location with access to many restaurants, parts stores and bars within 1 mile

Tools we offer to Rent

Check Engine and Transmission code Scanners
Hand tools like Wrenches, Pliers, Ratchet sets…
Engine Hoists and Transmission Jacks
Pullers, Hammers, Drills, Drill bits
Battery Hammer and angle drills
Mobile Cameras for hood or to clip on shirt
Computer access for HowTo and parts research
cleaning supplies like towels and similar
Fluid and Parts disposal

Club Member Benefits

Free car scanner access to read/clear codes
savings on tool rental and space rental
Free access to Computer for online research
preferred space access
Bring a friend Bonus
Free Video access to the Facility
Free camera rental to retrace your steps
Free Access to the Facility anytime
Savings on Tool purchases from us

Why Becoming a Club Member?

Compare all available benefits and savings you can benefit from

Becoming a DIY Garage Club Member can bring you so much further to achieve your goals with all the available benefits and savings. Accessing the Facility at any time, checking the live Camera Feed of the Garage to see if it is busy or some of your known associates are renting a Lift. Get additional Bonuses for Referrals and earn Garage-time minutes when Helping others on the forum or in the Garage. As a member you will be able to get access to many tools and Garage Features for Free. Take advantage of Specials like hour discounts, tool/supplies purchases or access to events we will be present as well.

Check which available pricing model fits your needs

please let us know if none of the models fit your needs and we will adjust for you

Schedule Your DIY Garage Time

See if there is a Booth/Lift available at the Time and Location of your choice

July 2024
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Satisfied Customers

See what our customers say about their experience

I live in an apartment near Polaris Mall, which won't let you work on cars in the parking lots. I was able to fix my 02 Tahoe Brake lines and Calipers (completely rusted bleeding valves) and saved a ton of money.
I even had some help from one of the managers who helped me bleed the system. THANKS


Finally a Place where i could get my car on the lift to fix some of my fully Rusted parts of my Car. I had the lift bay for 2 hours and got lots of things done which i couldn't have reached at home on my garage floor.
Thanks Guys, you Rock.


Great Experience, had to replace both rear wheel bearing hubs and check on my E-Brake.
it is just so nice not sitting in the driveway hoping to have the tools u need (which you never do...).with the lift and the proper provided tools this was done in not time.
See you next time, front brakes are coming up soon lol.


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