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Our goal is to provide a clean, easy accessible and fully equipped workspace for best DIY results

About Us

As car enthusiasts, we were just looking for a safe and fully equipped garage available to share with other Automotive Pros.

Our Business emerged from the need to get car enthusiasts, as ourselves, out of the driveway and into a fully equipped, safe work-space where working on our loved cars will be enjoyable and convenient. Whether you are a car enthusiast or hobby wrencher who would love to start projects or learn to work on cars here and there, our DIY Garage Club would be a beneficial outlet for such potential and creativity. But we didn’t just want this shop to be a place where you work, we wanted to provide a community space where members of the car community can come together. The DIY Garage Club will be the desired place you where looking for to get your projects completed and time well spent.


Our Team

Friendly, Supportive and Professional

Juergen Pum
Founder & Garage Manager
available most the time on site
to and help you get started
Christoph Schmolmueller
Founder & Business Manager
Will be on site to answer Questions about
the Business and for Partnerships
Elisabeth Schwingshandl
Office Administration
Will be available only remotely via email to
handle details with payments or related tasks

Why Choose Us

See why you could benefit from using our Garage


Become a Club Member

get Help from the Community

Consult our online Mechanic

The Equipment

our tools are up to date

our equipment is certified

our garage is heated and Secured

The Location

Within 1 Mile you have plenty

Bars, Restaurants, Stores of all kind

easy tow Truck access and parking

The Partners

We work hard to provide you Benefits

& Savings on local Parts Stores, Tools,

Towing, Disposal and much more

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